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About Our Company

After graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelors Degree in Business/Finance in 1988, Greg moved back to the bay area where he started a small property management company working for local Real Estate companies maintaining their properties and taking care of any construction needs that would arise. At the same time, Greg was buying distressed properties of his own which he would renovate and resell. Working side by side with all the different trades over the next five years, Greg honed his skills and gained his vast knowledge of all phases of construction from foundation to finish carpentry. In 1992, Greg passed his General Contractors exam, and G. D. Enterprises was established.

Greg has continued his hands on approach by personally managing each job. With this hands on approach, Greg can keep control of time lines, budgets, and manage his crew efficiently. With over 20 years of construction knowledge, Greg has the experience and expertise to solve any problem safely and efficiently. Greg runs each project with the same care, quality, and attention to detail he would expect in his own home. G. D.
Enterprise treats their customers the same way they would want to be treated.

Client Comments...

"He's efficient, very organized, helpful, and he communicated well. His workmanship was excellent. My husband used to be a journeyman carpenter, and he was satisfied."

"He's personable, he listens to requests, and he works with the customer."

"Just good craftsmanship, he takes time to make sure it's done correctly. He doesn't cut corners. He gets it done right."

"The quality is very professional. He is very flexible and easy to work with. He is punctual. He works with clients as to basic design and ethics, and in organizing the goal. He is totally easy to work with and gives great advise."

"He's reliable, efficient, honest, and he has good suggestions for how to grapple with the issues on the project he did for us.  He was conscientious of the customer's budget. Instead of edging us towards the most expensive way, sometimes he'd tell us he didn't think it was worth it and give us practical suggestions to save money."

"It's like having a relative whom you trust completely in your home.  I left the key with him. He made decisions that were exactly what we wanted. He took care of things. It was like he read our minds. He was awesome!"

"I think the quality of work is one of his biggest strengths."

"He was personal, professional, and honest. We were very happy, in fact we are waiting for him to start another project for us."

"I think his knowledge and the time he takes to explain things to his clients. Overall, he's one of the best contractors I've known."

"He's very reliable and trustworthy. He really knows his work. He's very easy to work with. Other contractors and trades in the Bay Area are impressed with his work."






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