Damage Restoration San Carlos CA

Damage Restoration San Carlos CA

Damage to your home from an unfortunate event, whether it’s a flood, fire, etc., is disheartening and often overwhelming. In San Carlos, CA, there is a company, G.D. Enterprises, that can help you begin getting your home back in order and livable again. After the mitigation company leaves, your home is in bad shape. Sheet rock has been pulled down. Carpet and flooring removed. A multitude of items will need to be restored to make your home like it was. For some instances, the damage is not as severe and much easier to restore. However, there are times when Mother Nature and/or unfortunate turn of events cause extensive damage.

G.D. Enterprises is the expert in restoring your home to its original look and feel. You can even make upgrades, which this is a good time to do so. We will work with your insurance company and help relieve your stress. We will be by your side every step of the way.

Because we specialize in home construction, home renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and room additions, we are uniquely qualified to restore and reconstruct your home. We can:

Install new sheetrock

Repair framing where needed

Install flooring


Tape and Bed Walls

And More….

You can be rest assured ever possibility will be anticipated and addressed. Your San Carlos home will be in good hands and will be back to normal as quickly as possible.

Bad things happen, so be sure you have the best team in your corner when it does. Call us today if your in San Carlos or a surrounding city, at (650)208-1262.

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