New Home Construction San Mateo CA

New Home Construction San Mateo CA

Located just 26 minutes south of San Francisco via US-101, San Mateo, California is a gem of a city blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Homes in San Mateo are plentiful but finding a newly constructed home is much harder. For the majority of homeowners, due to the increasing price of existing homes, it is more cost cost-effective to build a new home. As you begin toiling with the idea of building your dream home, it is a good idea to employ an expert in the field. Danz Construction has been building new homes since 1992. You need an expert in the tangled web of San Mateo building regulations and ordinances.

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San Mateo’s New Home Construction Company Leader

From Danz Construction, you are receiving the services from the best in the business. Our owner, Greg Danz, personally oversees every project from start to finish. He will make sure your home is built exactly as you want it, and he will treat it as if it is his own home. The steps to building your home starts well before the first dig or stake is driven in. You must first decide on a floor plan and make design choices. Then secure construction financing from the bank of your choice. Once this is complete the next steps in the process are straightforward and not overly complicated even for San Mateo.

Stages of New Home Construction – San Mateo

STAGE 1: Excavation

The construction of your new home begins with the excavation of the home site. The position of the home is staked on the lot and prepped for the foundation. The new luxury for homes in San Mateo, and turned out to be a must-have, is a basement. If you decided to include a basement, then the concrete footing is poured, and when set, a gravel fill is placed around the footing or under the basement slab for drainage.

STAGE 2: Foundation

Slab foundations are the most prevalent in San Mateo, but the differences arise if a basement is included. Forms are set and the outline of the new home begins to become visible. Underground plumbing is installed and tied into the public sewer system. After prep work is completed, the slab is poured creating the foundation for your home.

STAGE 3: Framing

During the Framing stage, the shape of the home begins to look like a home. At this point, the process is only one-third of the way and this is when progress seems to slow down. It only seems this way because we are getting into the fine details which may not be easily apparent but are important to your finished home. At this point, the subfloor, walls, and roof structure are built, and your roof is shingled. Window and door units are installed, and any backfilling around the foundation is completed.

STAGE 4: Rough Mechanics

The term “Rough mechanics” is used to describe the mechanical parts of the structure including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electric. This is the point where the activity is extremely high, while plumbing and indoor sewer pipes, furnace and ducts, and electric wiring, outlets, switches, and wall insulation are installed. The connection of utilities is done at this stage.

STAGE 5: Drywall

The drywall stage moves quickly as rooms are separated and divided. Drywall is hung and finished followed by the insulation of the ceilings. Outside brick, stone, and siding are installed and the site is graded for drainage and to prepare for the driveway, patios, walks, etc.

STAGE 6: Finish

We are at the most exciting stage of the process. The design selections are installed including kitchen and bath cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, medicine cabinets, interior doors and trim, stair rails, and many other detailed features. The installation of kitchen appliances and flooring, while both the interior and exterior of being painted.

STAGE 7: Finish Mechanics

“Rough mechanics”, from stage 4, is the hidden portion, but “Finish mechanics” are the part you can see. We are speaking of the installation of plumbing hardware, such as faucets, showerheads, commodes, etc. Other finish mechanics include switch plates, plug covers, light fixtures, thermostat, outdoor air/heat pump unit, and register and return air covers. Carpeting is installed and final grading of the yard is completed, seeded, or sodded.

STAGE 8: Final Stage

This stage is all the last little details such as cleaning the windows, floors, baths, kitchen, etc. Building Inspections are scheduled and completed to ensure all the finishing touches on your new home have been completed per the custom architectural plan.

During several construction stages, several required city inspections must be scheduled and passed to move forward to the next stage. We will coordinate these inspections and maintain the construction schedule as far as the things we can control.

San Mateo New Construction

Danz Construction is as excited as you are when we complete a new home. Our construction team thrives off the smiling faces of the new homeowners and we are honored to hand over the keys. If you are considering or ready to tackle new home construction in San Mateo, then Danz Construction is the builder for you. Call us today (650)208-1262 to speak with one of our amazing team members and let us get your home started.

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